About us

We are a full service pediatric eye care center. We believe pediatric eyecare is so important we built our entire practice to cater to children only.

Wee Pediatric Eyecare is unique to most others in the area because we offer the largest selection of childrens frames and sunglasses. The first thing your child will see upon entering is our colorful play area and art table. Here, your child can get comfortable, play with some toys, read a book or do some art and possibly meet a friend. Our optical design is such that parents can browse our vast selection of childrens frames or just relax, while their child plays.

We don't just want your child’s eye exam experience to be low stress, but also positive and memorable. All of our exam equipment is purchased for pediatric use and our staff absolutely love children. Dr Scatchell has many years of experience with pediatric examinations and knows how to make eye exams fun for your child. We have a ‘no stress’ policy when it comes to examinations at our office and everybody will go out of their way to try and uphold this belief system for your child at their visit.


Wee Pediatric Eyecare is Dr Scatchell’s labor of love. She has always had an affinity for her little patients, as far back as her Optometry school rotations, where she chose to focus on pediatrics and vision therapy.

Dr Scatchell has been in family practice for 14 years and has always felt pediatric eyecare and eyewear was inadequately represented in her community. She wanted to bring more options and more services designed specifically and solely for children.

Your child will love Wee Eyecare. They will feel comfortable, they will have fun, and most importantly they will get top quality eyecare and glasses that are designed and chosen for them specifically.